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The NEW AR180 is available now – a truly nextGEN microdrone… to Buy or Rent
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Our Team in action with the new PhoeniX6 powered by AirRotorMedia
Aerial Photography Stills & Video: UK Gas Plant Flare Tip Inspection video footage

Microdrones UK   UK Gas Plant Flare Tip Inspection   Aerial animal video photoagraphy


What we do

The same Team that brought the Microdrones md4-200 and Microdrones md4-1000 to the World’s attention now provide bespoke ‘nextGen’ micro UAV and micro UAS systems, commonly referred to as RPAS systems (Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems).


Through sister-company, MW Power (www.mwpower.co.uk), micro Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) have been adopted by a series of high-profile Police, Fire and other Government Agencies in the UK from early 2007. Rental micro drone use by Industry is also growing.

How we do it

Aerial photography - Microdrones UK

At Microdrones (UK) we will work with you to identify the most appropriate Aerial Photography equipment solution.

All of our micro drone systems are Military-derived and provide the highest aerial image quality, consistency and reliability.


Microdrones UK provides Sales, Support and UAV Rental to Bluelight, Military and Commercial customers Worldwide.

Working with AirRobot GmbH and AirRotorMedia GmbH we have access to cutting-edge technologies.


Microdrone UK's next generation micro drone range takes UAV Aerial Photography to a new level...


Please contact Microdrones (UK) or call us on 01270 875 115 to discuss your UAV / UAS requirements...



Certification & Accreditation

We operate a UAS rental facility for Aerial Photography, Imagery, Film, Videography and Inspection works. Our TÜV-approved product range is supported by ISO9001:2008 accreditation, ensuring customer care. We only work with recognised partner companies in their specialist fields e.g. online Flare Tip inspection via FlameOut.


For examples of our micro drone reference customers and sample aerial photography works, just head over to our Microdrone (UK) YouTube channel...



Microdrones (UK) Ltd

Sandbach Road, Church Lawton
Stoke-on-Trent, ST7 3RA UK

Company Reg No: 5085119


Call us on +44 0 1270 875 115 or
email: info@microdrones.co.uk



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